Health is an ultimate gift of the nature- it is very personal. No one knows the law of nature, as sometimes few people are unfortunately born with life threatening medical conditions due to their genetic constitution. Some of these inherited/genetic diseases are Primary Immune Deficiency (PID), Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, etc. As these conditions are rare and affect a small section of the society, they are also called as Rare diseases. Since it affects relatively small number of humans, and challenges are so huge that these patients need support groups in order to survive.

Community based interventions of these Patient Support Groups, plays a very critical role in voicing the view of these patients to improve the access to care and the overall Quality of Life. Patients Support Groups contribute immensely to increasing awareness and providing the required support to these patients. Some of the patients of rare disease groups, need Plasma protein therapies. This therapy is needed for the lifetime, along with rehabilitation and social inclusion plan.

PlasmaGen Biosciences (PGB) acknowledges the challenges and strives to work along with the Patient Support Groups to facilitate the patients to affordable & accessible healthcare for all.

    PGB’s endeavor is to work:

  1. With patient support groups to increase awareness and improve access to care
  2. With medical fraternities to increase awareness about these life-threatening diseases and its treatment options
  3. In close collaboration with the government agencies to make plasma products accessible and affordable to all